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Whats Cooking in Hagerstown

A Community Cook Book

Welcome to Whats Cooking in Hagerstown

A Community Driven Cook Book

One that you can be apart of, enter your own favorite family recipes or share your own photographs, and we will list your name for credit.

Submissions for the Fall 2014 cookbook are now closed. Looks for future recipe submission events soon!

When you get stuck and can't think of that special meal or appetizer for that special occasion, visit Whats Cooking in Hagerstown and let us help you plan something very special that would please the most critical guest. Thanks for visiting Whats Cooking in Hagerstown! We hope you continue to visit and invite your friends!

Whats Cooking in Hagerstown is and always will be 100% FREE for view and download.


Greetings, thank you for visiting us at Whats Cooking in Hagerstown. A unique place to discover new meals, and share 'Your' recipes. Please submit your original recipes over at the group Whats Going on in Hagerstown, and they may be included with the next edition. Happy Eating, Ken Buckler, Editor of WashCo Chronicle